How to Do Guest Posts the Right Way

Guest posting is one method that works wonders for internet marketers & web designers in Brisbane. It is essential in building reliable links alongside growing your brand and increasing sales. Statistics indicate that guest posting comes in third after SE and pay-per-click. However, to ensure its success there are considerations that must be made, including the intended site where the post will be made, the target audience for the content and the topic to be addressed. Among the key steps that should be followed are;

Research extensively

Before settling on a blogger to publish your guest post, it is important to learn a few things about the blogger. First and foremost is to learn whether the blogger accepts guest posts. This can be done by simply accessing their website and see if there are any blog posts published from guests. This should incorporate finding out the requirement for such guest posts in the event they accept them. It is also important to read through their blogs. This will give an insight into the topics they publish and the quality of content that they accept. Also make sure the site is up to date and secure, you wouldn’t want a hacked site to link to yours right?

Reading through the comments made on the guest posts as well gives an insight into the content that the readers require. The response from the readers stipulates their feelings on the posts made. Of importance at this stage is to also check out the writing styles that are acceptable by the blogger.

Come up with an acceptable topic

Bloggers will only accept content that is presentable in the view of their readers. For this reason, you need to get a topic that addresses the issues appealing to the readers. Therefore, the blogger will prioritize the readers before accepting your submission. Of importance in this regard is the fact that the heading or the topic chosen must have the capacity to attract readers. Failure to do so will give a low rating for your post and provide fewer chances of having it accepted. After selecting an ideal topic, it is important to carry out extensive research on it. This is essential to ensure that the content you provide is equally informative. This will not only have the ability to quench the thirst for information with the readers but will also have the blogger seeking out for you to make other submissions. Where possible, it is important to incorporate images into the text but they require to be relevant to the topic.

Contacting the blogger

After you have written your blog, time is ripe to present it to the blogger for it to be published. Of importance at this juncture is to understand that you may not be the only one seeking to have a guest blog posted by the blogger and for this reason, the introductory e-mail needs to be catchy. In this regard, the email has to be slightly formal and addressed to the blogger as an individual. Ensuring that proper grammar and language is used in the introductory email is equally important as this will give the impression of the kind of content the blogger will be expecting from you. Using Yesware, a free software that gives you a notification once your email has been received is important. This will let you know when your mail is read and in event that this takes long, you get to resend the email either from a different address or by changing the subject line. This is to ensure that your mail does not land into the bloggers spam box.



After you have successfully submitted your guest post, it is not given that the post will be published. This may be for many reasons, including that bloggers normally receive numerous applications for blog posts. In this regard, it may be important to ensure that you make an appropriate follow-up for the submission. This may undertake contacting the blogger after a considerable amount of time without having the post published. You should also ensure that you use the right language without sounding like you are compelling the blogger to publish your post. This can be done at least once to get the blogger to have a better view of your work and/or inform you of the reason why the post has not been published.


After your post has been accepted and published, promotion of the same is ideal. The traffic and shares received by your post will give an indication that your post has been accepted by the readers. There are also various methods that can be put into practice to ensure that the post increases its traffic and sharing. This can be done through;

  • Promoting the post via social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This is a free service and an ideal platform for promotion.
  • Inviting friends. Among your social circles, friends stand a great chance to help promote your site. In this way, inviting them to like and share the post is a great driver of traffic. The more shares there will be the better will be the performance.
  • Using paid traffic generator. There are paid services to increase traffic to your posts. Among them is stumble upon which is a great way to get more likes and shares for your posts.
  • Responding to comments. Visitors to your post will leave comments, questions and other kinds of information. Responding to these gives an indication that you are committed to whatever you presented and will attract more traffic as the visitor seeks a solution to questions arising from the posts.

It is always important to ensure that when you intend to have a guest post, it becomes a total success. This can only be achieved by ensuring that there is quality content that will benefit readers. More to this, the post can be an ideal way that can be used to drive higher traffic.